Are you interested in new treatments for heart disease?

The Royal Devon and Exeter NHS Foundation Trust Cardiology department now have a large and continually growing portfolio of research studies, designed to deliver new, cutting edge treatments to patients with a history of heart and blood vessel problems.


There is an inevitable delay between new treatments being tested and subsequently proven treatments being delivered on the NHS. Some of these treatments will prove ineffective along the way, but research studies have shown that even if a patient receives a dummy pill within the placebo arm of a randomised clinical trial, they tend to do better than the average patient who does not enter a clinical trial.

Why do clinical trial patients do better?

If you enter a clinical trial, a team of highly trained and dedicated specialists are given the time and resources to monitor every aspect of your health. This leads to broader health benefits from participation.

If you are interested in cardiac clinical trials, this site details the studies that are available in Exeter according to the area of cardiology where your health problem falls. Please click on one of the sidebar links to see which trials might interest you. There will be an opportunity to contact us on each page, if you wish to receive more information about these ethically-approved clinical trials.

Thank you for your interest.


Dr Andrew SP Sharp MBChB, MD, FRCP
Lead for Cardiology Clinical Trials
Consultant Cardiologist
Department of Cardiology
Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital
Barrack Road, Exeter